Producción de cobre

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Huelva - Comarca Metropolitana de Huelva (Huelva - Andalucía)


Producción de metales preciosos y de otros metales no férreos

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Produccion de cobre

Producción de cobre
Fundición de otros metales no férreos
Producción de cobre
Fundición de otros metales no férreos
Copper production
Casting of other non-ferrous metals
The company, with corporate headquarters in Huelva, Spain, is engaged in smelting and refining copper concentrates to obtain copper anodes and cathodes. Its history dates back to 1873 when a group of British bankers and businessmen purchased the Rio Tinto mines from the Spanish Government to establish The Rio Tinto Company, Ltd. The company smelts and refines copper producing anodes, cathodes, wire rod, and wire and cables. It is a subsidiary of Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold, with operations in Cordoba (continuous casting/wire drawing), Huelva (metallurgical complex), and Barcelona (wire plant). The company purchases copper concentrate from fellow Freeport-McMoran subsidiary PT Freeport Indonesia. The company is one of the world's most important producers of copper. Thanks to investments and the rationalization of its productive process, it is capable of producing approximately 310,000 MT of copper anodes, 260,000 MT of which are refined into copper cathodes with a copper content of more than 99.99%. The primary by-products are sulfuric acid (approximately 1 million MT) and electrolytic slimes rich in gold (approximately 25 MT) and silver (approximately 75 MT). The company is committed to building long-term and stable commercial relations, taking advantage of the competitiveness of its products and the privileged location in an area with the world's highest consumption of copper.
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